More Intelligent, More Secure


iSIM makes complex systems easy to use with excellent data analysis algorithms, association methods and presentation capability, and thus, delivers an effective decision-making mechanism.

Basic capabilities of iSIM can be expressed in six topics;

Data Collection

Collects data from distributed device and system clusters regardless of brand/model.


Associates and analyzes events and alarms with each other based on priorities at time of happening.


Presents the relevant situation in a fast and easily comprehensible manner so that the operator can verify the event.


Uses best practice guidelines, policies and process Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) of the organization for resolving the events.


Tracks all actions and records all data for complete and accurate reporting and extensive analysis.

Audit Trail

iSIM monitors the interaction of all users with the system, tracks all manual modifications on the security system, and determines response times for each situation.

iSIM Enterprise

iSIM Enterprise offers a sophisticated approach for organizations with high level of security. iSIM Enterprise combines the distributed and independent solutions of organizations with custom-made solutions in addition to usual security methods, and completes the security chain.

You can transfer the security notifications to other departments within or outside the organization or receive notification from such departments using iSIM Enterprise. Carries the security approach a step further by receiving notifications from social media which may be considered as alarms, and enables taking measures even before alarms potentially arise. Weak links in the security chain are eliminated with unlimited users and data points while access and notification limitations are avoided thanks to mobile application and web interface.

iSIM Professional

iSIM Professional offers a professional perspective enabling managing various types of security solutions to be managed in one. iSIM Professional offers solutions for environments where security solutions do not merely consist of CCTV management and access control systems. Integrity is ensured by including fire alarm systems, biometric sensors, and call center processes to the security chain.

iSIM Professional allows for 3-dimensional viewing of living and common use areas of an organizations with interactive 3D model support. Increased security level and 3D model support enable faster and effective decisions.

iSIM Basic

In addition to the capabilities of iSIM Express package, iSIM Basic offers a security platform for viewing and managing CCTV management software and access control systems as a whole. Moreover, iSIM Basic enables vehicle access control systems to be included in the security platform thanks to its automatic license plate recognition system. SMS module enables real-time data sharing.

iSIM Express

iSIM Express offers a powerful security package providing combined functionality by eliminating brand and model dependency differently from any other security software you may have used before. iSIM Express improves your management performance in different locations via interactive maps thanks to the integration with geographic information systems (GIS). Suspicious package detection, loitering detection, safe area violation functions enabled by optional video content analysis module makes your security solutions even stronger.

iSIM Flexible

iSIM Flexible offers a flexible solution for organizations with various security solutions and requirements. While the customizable package contents based on the organization’s needs reduce the cost, it does not compromise on the required security solution.


In addition to its superior capabilities, iSIM professional team provides assistance in your search for solutions.

Consultancy and Training Service

While iSIM offers consultancy service in creating solutions in line with your organization’s operations and structure, improving existing solutions, and linked solutions interruptedly with its professional staff, it also provides training service for teams managing your systems or affected by applications.

Project Services

While iSIM shapes your existing security projects, it offers innovative and cost effective solutions for future systems which you may include in your organization.

Support Services

iSIM support team is at your service for any technical and managerial needs that your organization may need during your projects and beyond.


Our Vision
In a world increasingly shaped by “Data”, “Infrastructure”, “Sensor”, and “Energy”, and the “Mega Cities” and “Mega Corridors” emerging as a consequence, leaders and organizations have critical responsibilities as much as skills of decision-making for human and city efficiency and security, taking action promptly, and obtaining best results. Established in 2003 with its headquarters located in İstanbul/Turkey, Proline is positioned as one of the leaders of “Safe and Smart Cities” market in which each decision made is crucial. Many organizations face with such critical decisions, and require a complete, direct and relevant flow of information in order to assess the situation and make the right calls. As Proline, we are there to assist our customers in making such decisions. In addition to providing them with tools and technologies required to collect, process, and distribute the data, we strive to enable them to make the right calls at the right time and achieve optimal results by assisting them in comprehending the complex situations.

Our Solutions
We develop “smart platforms” for the management of critical decision chains with our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solution called “KTP”, developed in line with today’s requirements, our biometric solution system called “HRZM”, and our smart safe city solution called “iSIM”. In addition to all of these solutions, Proline also offers many “Safe and Smart City” solutions such as violation identification systems including speeding and red light violation, High Performance Calculation (HPC) and Big Data analytics, and video analytics solutions such as 2D and 3D face recognition systems, license plate recognition system. We offer visionary and innovative solutions to our customers by taking into account the human factor in relation to making critical calls in all activities. Therefore, we provide options of forecasting, visualization, and management of complex environments to relevant parties, managements and companies.

Innovation for Our Customers
Certified in 2011 by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology as one of the R&D centers of Republic of Turkey, Proline discovers the future possible flagship products today, create superior values for its customers, enables effective team works, feed the passion of research which is the building block of Proline’s spirit of innovation. Proline’s innovation is based on the vision and capability of understanding the needs of customers and the power of creativeness, and turning technological advancements into practical applications.

Global Vision and Responsibility
Proline established close relationships with local customers during its operations in Middle East, North Africa and Asia regions, and had the chance to better examine the challenges and complex situations they face while making operational calls. Thus, we have developed and launched proper solutions in line with the requirements thanks to the extensive knowledge we’ve gained in the markets we serve for.

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